Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Franklin, WI, New York, Washington, DC – November 14, 2023

The GACC Apprenticeship Award 2023 honors ICATT® Apprenticeship Program Network Company Krones Inc. for its well-structured, thorough, and goal-oriented approach to apprentice training and commitment to apprenticeships as a long-term workforce pipeline solution. Krones Inc. recognizes the unique opportunity apprenticeships bring to close the skills gap in manufacturing and address the increasing demands for specialized talent. Krones Inc. joined the ICATT Apprenticeship Program in 2017, with 11 graduates working both in the field as service technicians as well as in final machine assembly in Krones Inc.’s production facility. Krones Inc. currently has 15 apprentices with the goal of hiring ten apprentices each year.

Third-year AMT Apprentice Amethyst Sabin has been recognized for her ambition to learn and dedication to quality. After graduation, she plans to become an assistant trainer at Krones Inc.

Jurors noted the company’s efforts to close the diversity gap in their workforce through targeted outreach. They were also impressed by the opportunities apprentices have to obtain additional certifications (including Train the Trainer), how apprentices mentor one another in the program, the inter-ICATT apprentice exchanges Krones Inc. has hosted, and Krones Inc.’s extensive outreach through high schools and its own employees to bring in new apprentices.

Krones Inc. recognizes third-year Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprentice Amethyst Sabin for her excellence in her work, her skills, and her academic achievement. Amethyst first joined Krones Inc. as a youth apprentice when she was in high school and enjoyed it so much, she decided to pursue manufacturing as a career. Her stand-out qualities include her ambition to learn and her perseverance and dedication to quality. She has gone above and beyond as a mentor to younger apprentices, planning and presenting lessons to them that she thinks would have helped her the most at their stage in the program. Both production managers at Krones Inc. and Amethyst’s professors have commended her for work ethic – she was voted “Outstanding Apprentice of the Year” this spring in her program at Waukesha County Technical College. Upon graduation, Amethyst plans to become an assistant trainer at Krones Inc.

“As an ICATT Network Company, Krones Inc. offers a comprehensive apprenticeship program with a structure that just makes sense. Their efforts in growing their workforce pipeline, fostering diversity within their company, and training highly skilled employees are intentional and effective. The fact that many apprentices come to Krones Inc. because their family members already work there highlights Krones Inc.’s community values and supportive company culture. Krones Inc. is the perfect example of how apprenticeships can grow and thrive in Wisconsin, and we look forward to our continued collaboration,” says Sascha Kuhn, Deputy Director, Apprenticeship Networks at the German American Chamber of Commerce® of the Midwest.

Krones Inc. is the United States subsidiary of Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, a world leader in the manufacture of fully integrated packaging and bottling line systems as well as integrated brew house and processing systems, IT solutions and warehouse logistics systems.

“At Krones Inc., the decision to intergrade the ICATT Apprenticeship Program was driven by several key factors. Firstly, apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity to bridge the skills gap and address the increasing demand for specialized talent in manufacturing. As Krones Inc. continues to evolve rapidly, it is crucial to develop a pipeline of skilled professionals and foster our growth talent within the organization. Secondly, apprenticeships promote diversity and inclusion. By providing a structured learning experience for individuals from all backgrounds, Krones Inc. aims to promote equal access to opportunities and help address the diversity gap within the industry,” says Philipp Lissmann, Head of Field Service Training Coordination, Krones Inc.

Krones Inc. was recognized at the GACC Apprenticeship Conference on November 14 in Chicago, IL.


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Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) is the leading apprenticeship program for manufacturers and companies with complex administration processes. It is the largest program fully benchmarked on the German Dual Education System – an approach recognized globally for its combination of company-specific knowledge, theory, and hands-on learning – resulting in highly-trained and flexible employees. The ICATT Apprenticeship Program is a joint program of the German American Apprenticeship & Education Foundation and the German American Chambers of Commerce.


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