Training is an investment in the future of your company.

Doing and teaching are distinct skills, and an expert is not always a great teacher. Even if the conditions for learning are great in a company, if trainers don’t have practical tools and techniques on hand to transfer their knowledge, a huge amount of money and resources can be wasted.

Trainers need practical skills to transfer their knowledge and ensure effective learning – and that is where this course comes into play.

Our Train The Trainer Course has been developed together with teaching and training specialists from various industries and besides practical tools to effectively train and mentor trainees, participants will also learn theory-based tools to help understand which techniques to apply. This course concept was specifically designed for apprenticeships and other practical training environments and therefore it is very hands-on and relevant for the real-world

The four days of coursework and practice, followed by a written and practical examination on the fifth day is also available as virtual option, that allows participation from home or work and includes a combination of live instructor-led training modules and self-guided training modules.


Pricing Information:

  • $1,795 – Online four-week program OR In-person four-day intensive program  *members receive a discounted rate

Training is an investment in the future of your company.

Effective training means new employees become more productive faster, and it has a positive effect on morale and retention as well.

Skilled technicians are often expected to teach, but technical, hands-on professions are often overlooked in the typical course offerings for supervisors.

Our extensive Train the Trainer Seminar is designed to help trainers plan and conduct training more effectively, providing both theoretical and practical tools to anyone who regularly trains others.

The pedagogical content is based on an internationally recognized qualification, AdA International, with examples and exercises applicable to US industry, especially manufacturing.

Our Train-The-Trainers certificate is not only a proof of qualification for the trainer, but a sign that your company invests in quality training.

Gain practical skills to transfer knowledge and ensure effective learning

What will participants learn?

  • Overall planning of training program
  • Multiple methods for teaching and their applications
  • Learning styles and how to adjust for them
  • Methods for evaluation and checking progress
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Communication techniques
  • Red flags for problems
  • Role of the mentor
  • …and much more

Who should attend?

  • Apprentice trainers/mentors
  • Team leaders who regularly train new employees
  • Subject matter experts and others who want to more effectively pass on their knowledge
Our standard course has a focus on trainers/mentors for apprentices and technicians. Customized options for your company can focus on general and non-technical training.

100% of trainers who attended a Train the Trainer seminar would recommend it to their coworkers to improve their training and communication skills.

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