The MAT² Apprenticeship Program is based off the German Dual Education System, a world-renowned apprenticeship system that experts say contribute to low youth unemployment, and also to company innovation.

“Programs like MAT² help Brose North America combat the challenges of Industry 4.0,” said Arnd Herwig, Vice President Development, Brose North America. “As our products get more complex, we also see our processes in manufacturing evolve, and we need new talent to address these challenges.”

MAT2 is one of several U.S. apprenticeship programs based on the German Dual Education System, managed by the German American Chambers of Commerce.  The GACCs are part of an international network and have access to resources from the almost 80 Chambers in Germany that help bring these types of programs to the U.S.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the German Dual Education System, and read about how this benefits network companies.