MAT2, an innovative, industry-driven approach to education, published a new white paper about the value of hiring veteran apprentices and how to incorporate their wide range of skills, traits and work experiences to truly reap the benefits of a veteran apprentice – especially in manufacturing.

While manufacturing is experiencing a significant talent shortage, veterans offer companies a substantial pool of skilled candidates to fill open positions and bring the unique skillset companies need.

“Veterans are a strong talent source for companies who are struggling to fill open positions with highly skilled talent,” said Virginia Rounds, Director of the MAT2 Apprenticeship Program. “Veterans innately comprehend many of the skills these companies need to keep pace with the current economy and sustain business growth.”

MAT2’s white paper, Developing a Successful Apprenticeship Program for Veterans, addresses how to successfully remove the communication gap to allow veterans to immediately become valuable to any company.

The MAT2 Apprenticeship Program helps companies implement a long-term workforce development strategy, including providing tools for the structure that veterans crave. Click here to download your copy.

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