During the current global pandemic, essential businesses across the country are remaining open and operational to support front-line workers, including Eaton.

With healthcare workers in dire need of access to personal protective equipment (PPE), Eaton, a member of the MAT2 network, has begun partnering with Cleveland’s Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) to develop face shields for hospitals. The first set of shields were produced at Eaton’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Southfield, Michigan, and were donated to local hospitals in Michigan, Ohio, New York, and New Jersey.

“The ability for our healthcare system to respond to the current crisis is what matters most,” said Michael Regelski, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Electrical Sector at Eaton. “We’re proud to support our communities and the healthcare industry during this time.”

Eaton is rapidly scaling up production of face shields to more traditional manufacturing methods to deliver the volume needed to meet the demand of healthcare systems across the county.

The MAT2 team is proud to have network companies such as Eaton who are working to become part of the solution during this pandemic. Learn more about becoming a network company.

For more information on Eaton’s PPE initiative, please contact Eaton at EatonPPE@eaton.com.