Take a look at the objects around you. There’s a chance almost everything – the clothes on your back, the chair you sit on, and the cellphone you message with – has been manufactured. Each one of these products went through several steps to become the finished product you enjoy, and it all started and ended with manufacturing.

If you’re interested in a career in high-tech manufacturing, there are countless opportunities available to you. With the MAT2 Apprenticeship Program, you’ll get hands-on experience doing something you love, while also earning a wage and a debt-free associate degree.


Check out some of our favorite manufacturing videos below to see if this is a career path for you.


A Full Factory Tour of Brose

Walk through a full manufacturing experience with Brose. This video offers a closer look at various steps in the production process, from mechatronics to CNC machining.


A Day in the Life of a Seyer Apprentice

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an apprentice looks like? Seyer Industries takes you through their start of the art facility to show you what it’s like inside their apprenticeship program.


Haas Automation’s Manufacturing “Tip of the Day” 

Haas Automation’s “Tip of the Day” YouTube series boasts tips for machinists of all levels. Watch this in-depth video to learn more about which tool holder to use for the job.


If you liked the videos above, consider taking a closer look at the MAT2 Apprenticeship Program. Wondering which MAT2 Program is right for you? Check out our current programs. Have some questions about our program? Contact us today.