The MAT² Apprenticeship Program is offering a Train the Trainer Seminar to help trainers plan and conduct training more effectively and gain skills they need to transfer knowledge to apprentices and other employees. Companies that invest in training see an increase in productivity almost immediately.

As the Apprenticeship Manager at Endress+Hauser, a participant in the MAT2-affiliated ICATT Apprenticeship Program, Robert Head sees first-hand the impact quality training has on the apprentices. “Before attending the seminar, I wasn’t fully aware of what a difference effective training could make. Now, after implementing what I’ve learned, I work to ensure the apprentices I train are receiving the best training from me.”

With no previous formal training prior to the seminar, Robert felt attending was essential so he had the tools necessary to properly training the apprentices that report to him.

The Train the Trainer Seminar teaches participants how to adjust to different learning styles, various communication techniques, methods for evaluation and multiple methods for teaching and how to apply those methods.

“After attending the seminar, I was able to implement what I had learned immediately,” said Robert. “I was able to work with the apprentices and recognize the different learning styles and adapt my teaching methods and overcome difficulties.”

“A successful trainer must adapt to different situations, bring new techniques and reinforce the core learning objectives to the individuals they are training,” said Robert.

Robert said he can already see a difference in the higher quality of execution and presentation of skills from apprentices he has trained since attending the seminar.

The Train the Trainer course is based on an internationally recognized qualifications and the certificate is not only proof of qualification for the trainer but a sign that your company invests in quality training.

“The trainer is the first person that sets the company culture and values onto the apprentice. If companies do not invest in that person, the apprentices will not see the value of what they are being taught.”

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