With the skills gap widening in Michigan for highly skilled technicians, employers knew there was a need for a program that would create a pipeline of talent for the industry and the state. Together, they worked to create the MAT² Apprenticeship Program.

“One benefit of being a MAT² Network Company is being able to work with other employers that are in the same situation,” said Arnd Herwig, Vice President Development, Brose North America. “We get to define how we address the talent shortage together as a group.”

The MAT² Apprenticeship Program works with manufacturing and technology companies to build a pipeline of talent while providing a nationally accredited approach of classroom knowledge and hands-on training.

“On top of receiving some of the best talent, our company has also seen various positive effects on current employees,” said Herwig. “Employees now have someone to pass their knowledge onto and this is great for employee retention and overall motivation.”

Watch the video below to hear more and learn about the benefits of being a MAT² Network Company.