Chicago — December 18, 2023

GACC Apprenticeship Networks is wrapping up the year with the launch of our best practices in Business and Mechatronics apprenticeship brochure.

The Brochure is the cumulation of our 2023 webinar series “Next-Level Apprenticeships- Transatlantic Exchange on Training Programs,” a peer-to-peer exchange on the contingencies of German-style apprenticeships as a sustainable workforce solution.

The virtual workshop consisted of six sessions and focused on the Mechatronics and Business occupational apprenticeship programs.

Within the scope of the European Recovery Program, GACC Apprenticeship Networks hosted a series of virtual workshops bringing together educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders to deep-dive into best practices regarding the implementation of apprenticeships as a workforce development strategy.

The brochure condenses strategies regarding the successful implementation of high-quality apprenticeship programs, tackling topics such as efficient recruiting and succession-planning, trainer responsibilities, well-rounded on-the-job training as well as comprehensive college education and quality control.

Many of the speakers and participants are already part of the ICATT and MAT2 Network, others are planning to join, GACC Midwest’s own apprenticeship programs. Cooperative efforts like these show the significant advantages that professional networks of like-minded peers offer.

“The Next-Level Apprenticeships- Transatlantic Exchange on Training Programs” European Recovery Program will continue next year with another virtual workshop series focusing on CNC-Machining Professional and Advanced Manufacturing Technician occupational apprenticeship programs.

Like in 2023, the workshop series will conclude with a study trip to Germany as a practical observation of transatlantic best practices.

Access the full Brochure here:

The Initiative was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as well as Wieland, Hoffman Group, and CLAAS.