Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT2), an innovative, industry-driven approach to education, published a new white paper as a resource for companies that are grappling with a skilled workforce shortage and weighing options for how to find the talent they need.

While manufacturing is experiencing a revival, available talent is on the decline, underscored by statistics in just one state alone: 20,000 manufacturing employees retiring each year and only 5,000 entering the profession.

MAT2’s white paper, Make or Buy? The Classic Strategy Decision Applied to the Skills Gap, addresses the talent shortage and outlines proven solutions, both short and long term.

“Increasingly industry leaders are exploring the concept of “making” a sustainable solution that provides a pipeline of talent over time versus “buying” a staffing solution,” said Virginia Rounds, Director of the MAT2 Apprenticeship Program. “The latter depends upon finding qualified talent when and where you need them – and that is a very tall order in the current market. As a result, many in manufacturing are opting to “make” their own talent pipeline in order to create a long-term solution.”

The MATApprenticeship Program helps employers overcome the hurdles involved with this shift in their workforce strategy. To download your copy, click here.

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